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Europe Crossroad

As the European Championship approaches, everyone’s eyes in Europe are on the host nations, Poland and Ukraine. Of these two countries, Ukraine is by a long shot the slightest went by and surely understood. In any case, there is an abundance of lovely urban areas situated in Ukraine, particularly in the western region. At the bleeding edge of Ukraine’s eminence is the city of Lviv, found near the fringe with Poland.

Lviv has a rich history, having been under the control of the Polish Empire, Austrian Empire, and Russian Empire, alongside having Mongol and Tartar impact going back to the early years of the most recent thousand years. Subsequently of this social miscegenation, going by Lviv is like going to a mixture of European urban communities. The loftiness of the old city was spectacular to the point that the heart of Lviv was announced an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has been conversationally named the Paris of Eastern Europe. For more data on UNESCO destinations observe excursion blog

In the event that you are taking a gander at making a trip to Lviv consider the accompanying territories:

Historical Churches: There are a number of churches worth looking at in Lviv. Many of them exhibit spectacular craftsmanship and splendor, some dating back to the 13th century. The Church of the Transfiguration is a beautiful Austrian-era church with a breath-taking gold interior. St. George’s Cathedral is the third church to stand at its present location, on a hill overlooking the city. Legend has it that the icon of the Virgin Mary found inside the church can create miracles.

Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture: Better known in Ukraine as Shevchenkivskyi Hay. This isn’t your everyday museum. It is a now-uninhabited village created completely from wood in the 18th century. The museum is truly unparalleled in the world.

Courtyard of King Jan III Sobieski House: King Sobieski was a 17th century Polish king. His house in Lviv has been preserved as a museum. However, the most stunning sight in his home is his courtyard. Built in the renaissance style, it contains three tiers of open, arched balcony, and is a great place to stop for a Ukrainian Coffee.

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre: Built from 1897 to 1900, this building is located in the heart of downtown and is the most renowned building in Lviv. The sculptors, architects, and painters who worked on the construction of the theatre were at the head of their professions in Eastern Europe, and thus seeing this theatre will give a traveller the perfect example of the artistry at the turn of the century.

Lychakiv Cemetery: A breathtaking cemetery containing the remains of prominent Ukrainian and Polish intellectuals, as well as war memorials. The remarkable thing about this cemetery is the seamless combination of lush, well-manicured foliage and intricate, detailed tombstone design.

Ukraine is not a typical tourist destination, but it is one of the hidden wonders of Europe. The great thing about visiting a Ukrainian city is that it is a relatively cheap trip. The exchange rate of the American dollar to Ukrainian hryvnia is 1 to 8, making hotels, food, and leisure affordable for many.

Lviv is a unique city with a rich history that has created an abundance of sites for the willing traveller.


Sites to Visit in Spain

There are some fabulous strolling courses over the rough mountains and delicately wandering waterways of Spain. The most fascinating of these pathways prompt to the locales of recorded and archeological significance highlighted beneath.

The Valley Of Great Kings

This way is perfectly arranged on the lovely island of La Gomera, in south-west Spain. It is a noteworthy fascination, frequently went to by individuals on European strolling occasions. To take in more about the captivating patios and manors, you are urged to take off on a sorted out stroll here.

Old Town Of Iznajar

It is anything but difficult to envision the scenes of times past amid a visit to the reestablished château of Iznajar. Also, subsequent to investigating the tremendous vault and changing area you are urged to stroll down to the waterfront, where an assortment of Italian flying creature species can be seen.

The Tomb Of Santa Teresa

Anybody wanting an insight into the history of central Spain is encouraged to take a stroll through the charming town of Avila. You might choose to follow the protective walls that were built during the 11th and 12th centuries. A tour of the religiously significant church of Carmelite and tomb of Santa Teresa may also be of some interest.

Goater’s Hut

The signposts that bear the name ‘Sendero Local’ on the ridge of Sierra de Villafranca point you towards this much used travellers hut. Today it acts as the ideal stop off point for people on Mediterranean walking holidays. However, in times past it was used as a shelter by Spanish shepherds and goat herders. Stay here for long enough and you might spot animals such as the roe deer and elk.

The Duke Lagoon

This gigantic lake is located in an area known as the Gredos Western Massif. Since being expanded in the early part of the 20th century it has become a major attraction for those on walking holidays. You might like to stop off beside the shore for a delicious picnic; alternatively you can watch the water wildlife from the Sierra de Bejar hills. Remember to bring your waterproof boots as it is impossible to complete the hike without navigating some flowing streams.

Santa Barbara Cascade

Anybody who takes the hike from Santa Barbara Loja will soon hear the sounds of this impressive waterfall. Upon arrival you may be tempted to take a quick exhilarating dip. On the other hand you may opt to sit comfortably on the shore, watching the Collared Pratincoles and Greenshanks fly overhead.

Castell d’Alaro

Prior to commencing the walk to the once magnificent Arab fortress you are encouraged to stop off at the marketplace of Alaro. Here you can purchase some tourist souvenirs as a reminder of fabulous walking holidays in Mallorca. Once you’ve explored the ruins and had a drink at the chapel bar you’ll be ready to walk back to Alaro. If you feel a little peckish en route then it’s well worth visiting the Es Verger restaurant.

Visit These Place on Italian Walking Holidays

The fluctuated scene of Italy makes for amazing strolling occasions. Regardless of whether you are interested in the test of slope climbing or need to have a tender side trip along the level, there’s a piece of this dazzling European nation to suit you. You ought to timetable visits to the great attractions illustrated in this article as a major aspect of your climbing schedule.

Lake Garda

In case you’re wanting to spend your strolling occasions in the northern piece of Italy then a visit to this gigantic lake is an unquestionable requirement. You’ll be shocked the size of the Gruppo Del Baldo mountains, which neglect the shimmering waters. You may likewise be astonished by the plenitude of natural life to be found in this pleasant range. There’s a scope of winged animal species including the Italian Sparrow and Great Weed Warbler that are certainly worth viewing.


The route around this small island is well trodden by European tourists on walking holidays. Some are so fascinated by the surroundings that they opt to stay a few days in local rented accommodation. You are encouraged to join the crowds on a tour along the cliffs and through the marine reserve, which was established way back in 1986.

Old Catania

It is easy to imagine the scenes that may have played out in Sicilian Italy as you walk through this fascinating old town. If you have a few hours to spare then it’s worth visiting the Fountain of 10 Rivers and Cathedral, which is adorned with Corinthian columns, marble fascades and stone balustrades. The local guides will be happy to show you around and retell stories that have been passed down through the Catanian generations. And when you’ve learned enough for one day it may be tempting to stop off at one of the charming local cafes.

Valley Of The Temples

It would be a shame not to take a stroll through this historic valley as part of your walking holidays in Italy. The ancient Greek ruins along this path are equally as great an attraction as those to be seen on the Greek islands themselves. If you hike through this area during the spring then you’ll be struck by the sweet smell of wildflowers. You might even be lucky enough to spot baby animals frolicking in their favoured environment.

Forest Of Giants

If you venture into this forest during Italian walking holidays then you can be sure of a great surprise. For here you may see gloriously coloured eagles and trees bigger than you might have imagined possible. Whatever time of year you choose to explore local routes, such as the Sentiero Cupone, you can be sure of having a delightful experience. Although you might return with slightly aching legs, the feeling of satisfaction will be immense.


Enjoy Adventure With Mexico Horseback Riding

At whatever point you are quick to go for a quality break from your tedious way of life then verify you consider eager out for some horseback riding excursions. In any case, the main thing you include is to have enthusiasm for stallion riding thing, then just you will have the capacity to appreciate the genuine pizazz of horseback riding visits. Also, on the off chance that you are thought to be among the amateurs or somebody who has never gone for steed riding, yet you have the judgment of wearing these horseback relaxes.

As you get the chance to see various levels possible stallion riding occasion bundles with any able horseback riding get-away supplier, in this manner thrilling out for such occasions turns out to be very simple wherein you find the opportunity to appreciate heaps of chances to investigate the regular excellence while taking a ride over the top steed breeds.

So when comes to choosing any occasion goal for horseback visits you should deliberately do likewise. Any expert and educated provider would hold up you in choosing the top areas for your equestrian get-aways which can render you the top pleasure and extinguish your hunger for experience and fun.

Any professional assembly would render you the best horseback riding opportunities in every type which they have created after proper research. They render you some of the topmost safety and security factor and thus consider this element as your top priority. Also, you get an enormous amount of options in terms of cost, riding skill degree, geographic location. Thus what you get at the end is a perfect usefulness for your money.

When you move out for such vacations on horseback you get to see the local culture and its creed. Thus you get the opportunity to talk and meet local people and enjoy the local food and taste its wine.

When you move on with some Mexico horseback riding or Costa Rica horseback riding vacations, you often involve a trained horse which can render you the wonderful insights to all the vital aspects of riding vacations. You get a corporation representative which helps you in enjoy your equestrian vacation the best.

Also, the knowledgeable riders get the opportunity to learn and explore unfamiliar and advance degree riding experience. The fact is with any competent supplier you get a certified instructor which helps you in learning and mastering unfamiliar riding skills apart from enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Going for such riding vacations with your spouse or friends too can be a good experience as you get lots of privacy and fine time together.

Experience Camel Riding in Dubai

Dubai, the place that is known for bounty has to be sufficiently sure exercises to satisfy the heart and psyche, abandoning you with recollections of a lifetime. Sun, sand and shoreline, the place that is known for indulgence never thinks twice with regards to engage voyagers who visit Dubai. The one of a kind area of Dubai in the midst of sands of the Persian Gulf makes it perfect to appreciate a phenomenal exhibit of betray exercises. It is an awesome place to appreciate the outside and delight in some recreational exercises. The encompassing wild allows travelers to collaborate with immaculate type of nature. Dubai takes part in many types of eco tourism exercises where the audacious will have a lot of things to do, for example, sand skiing, ridge bashing in SUVs, quad biking, morning, evening or overnight leave safari and significantly more. Yet, camel riding is one such movement that has not gotten a decent arrangement of unmistakable quality regardless of its fame.

Camels that are called Ships of the Desert due to their swaying movement are a popular means of transport across the barren region. Well known for its ability to travel vast distances, camels can remain alive for days without drinking or having a morsel of food, by storing fat in their humps. For ages, the animal has been a man’s best friend while he searched for oases and settling places. Riding and admiring such a mighty beast always gives goose bumps but it is an equally enthralling ride.

Many desert safari operators, offer camel ride to tourists who wish to see the desert landscape at a leisurely speed. It is not exactly an adventurous activity, but similar to someone putting you to sleep in a swinging crib. For others who are bound to get seasick even at the slightest movement should avoid camels. Camel rides are always done in groups, called caravans. So you will always have someone rocking the boat besides you. The whole caravan is steered by a skilled camel herdsman, who will ensure that the whole group enjoys the trip and reaches the destination safely. There is also a team of horses to help the herdsman. Once the caravan reaches the destination, tourists can request for sand boarding, quad biking or any other optional desert activity. Otherwise, transport back to the hotel or residence in Dubai is arranged for.

Desert activities like camel riding are one of the major Dubai city activities and are available early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the harsh rays of the desert sun. hotels in Dubai also arrange this kind of trips on request.


Destinations For Family Adventure Vacations

On the off chance that you are searching for family experience excursions and especially the kind that will leave an enduring imprint in your family’s memory, this article is for you. An ever increasing number of individuals are becoming exhausted with the standard thing, “safe” sort of tourism and are thinking about various, astoundingly remote and outlandish spots. This does not imply that you will be presented to peril (really the inverse is very valid) however in some cases venturing out of your customary range of familiarity is the distinction between an exhausting excursion and a great time.

While the expression “experience tourism” includes exercises like shake climbing, bungee hopping, rafting, paragliding, mountain biking et cetera, the family enterprise get-aways include more controlled exercises where the adrenaline does it’s employment through what is known as seen hazard rather than the genuine one. Also the way that, for instance, a culture stun is more proficient, for a great many people, than a physical one.

Presently we should return to what intriguing means and think of some as exceptionally fascinating choices. I need to acquaint you with two uncommon spots, both far from the group. The primary spot is a little paradise in Central America. Envision a place greener that anything you have ever observed. Envision gigantic rainforests simply holding up to be investigated. Coast away on the veins of an astounding wilderness and climb through some overwhelmingly lovely mountains. Pant for breath as you venture on hanging scaffolds or swim under a waterfall. Find the one of a kind untamed life, both nighttime and diurnal. And the greater part of this is intended for family fun. This is the thing that enters my thoughts when I consider Costa Rica family enterprises.

Costa Rica is rightfully considered by nature lovers to be a real paradise for family adventure vacations. The list of amazing activities that can keep the kids busy and the mature relaxed can go on and on. This heaven is a must for any parents that intend to introduce their kid(s) to the true beauty of our planet.

The second option takes us all the way north, to Canada and Alaska. This is another hot spot that I would recommend for both the apprentice and the veteran of outdoors. You can discover the thrill of hiking and enjoy that very special moment of bonding when you finally reach the top of the mountain. There are azure lakes, more beautiful than words can express.

You can also explore the wilderness; learn about the marine mammals and the amazing glaciers of Alaska. Or you can explore a rainforest and discover some amazing floating communities. Or cruise Johnstone Strait in a kayak while watching and listening to the whales – any of these options are available for someone who is looking for an adventure travel company.

As a last note: take into account that most travel adventure companies employ the use of naturalists and these will make exceptional teachers for your kids. All the adventure will disguise the absorption of knowledge, making it a lot of fun. Most children who go on these trips create amazing school projects and reports based upon their experiences gained during these adventures. Add some great photo opportunities and you will definitely score an A, both in school and in the family album.

Why Go for A Rajasthan Tour?

You may have heard a considerable measure about Rajasthan and the magnificence of this brilliant state in the North of India. Rajasthan is presently a standout amongst the most favored vacationer goals by numerous outside nationals as it has a plenty of included attractions like verifiable landmarks and structures, strongholds and castles, natural life havens and parkas, waterways and lakes and also betrays and sand hills, everything that could make your stay in Rajasthan vital and charming. The urban communities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Bharatpur, and so on., are the absolute most unmistakable traveler urban areas of Rajasthan and the majority of the Rajasthan visit bundles will include a visit to these essential urban areas.

There are plenty of magnificent forts and palaces in all the major cities of Rajasthan and your Rajasthan trip will be incomplete without a visit to any of se wonderful pieces of architecture. You will be taken back to the golden era of the Rajputana Empire when you visit the prominent forts and palaces like Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Lake Palace, City Palace in Jaipur, Udaipur City Palace, Amber Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Jal Mahal, Lal Garh, Kumbhalgarh Fort and many more. All the more, numerous forts, palaces and havelis of the Rajputana kings have now been converted into luxury heritage hotels and resorts that will provide you an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of Rajput kings. The heritage Rajasthan tours package is also very popular package among foreign nationals visiting Rajasthan.

If you would like to add spice, excitement and adventure to your Rajasthan tourism package, then you can opt for the wildlife tour packages that will provide you with excellent opportunity to bask in the rich flora and fauna of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks all around Rajasthan. Ranthanbore National Park, Ghana bird sanctuary, Keoladeo National Park and Sariska National Park are a few wildlife attractions that you should not miss on your tour to Rajasthan. Also, there are a variety of famous fairs and festivals like the Pushkar fair, camel festival, Brij festival and Ganguar festival that will tell you a true picture about the art and culture of this wonderful state called Rajasthan.


Dubai Desert Safaris

Guests and in addition individuals can take preferences of the few selective exercises in Dubai city. These guest exercises likewise contain wild musical show travels in Dubai alongside voyaging ventures. How about we find out about those exercises that make for the ideal Arabian experience. Two sorts of snow skiing are among the notable guest exercises in Dubai. One is component of Ski Dubai and the other is component of Dubai’s natural interest that is its deserts. Going down on the seashores is generally known as sand snow skiing. This movement is a great deal of fun and you can attempt different techniques in the wake of viewing the experts ski in style.

Aside from camel Dubai forsake safaris, quad bikes are another approach to find the undulating materials of the deserts in Dubai. Most Dubai voyage organizations will permit you to experience this movement in the day or around evening time. You will find the astonishing yet bizarre wild at on possess rate on quad bikes in Dubai and make this action exceptional.

Evening wilderness safaris are mostly complex. This opera contains some of the best wilderness activities such as those described above and prevents with camping outside outdoors in the wilderness. The camping outside outdoors is the best element of this opera journey in Dubai especially for those who remain to eat. During this night wilderness camping outside outdoors you will be offered hot and hot barbecued chicken, lamb, chicken or various meats (usually element of the menu). As if your meals weren’t exclusive enough, you will be staying definitely fascinated by exclusive fire moving, belly moving and tanoura moving reveals during your night wilderness journey in Dubai.

The Dubai desert safaris – happens almost obviously at the deserts, distribute along what the people call; “the excellent outback” of the U. s. Persia Emirates. The opera is by far an encounter that you will improve to the highest possible.

If you are on your way to Dubai with sand and fun produced on your ideas, look no further than a Dubai desert safaris encounter designed just for you. A fulfillment that roars and information you in a few periods will keep you in yells of fulfillment and excitement! The most perfect opera therapy is bequeathed upon you. With a variety of dimensions and exciting amazing things to unwrap, you will be residing the intricacies wish.

One such activity on offer for you to take fulfillment in will be the goes you journey through in a definitely designed 4WD SUV managed for highly effective. The ever so experienced intricacies people will then take you on a mind-blowing journey through the sand mountains producing across in a 45 stage like place at periods getting you up and over sand mountains, sand barricades and anything else in its route. The alternatives and opportunities for you to take aspect in is a process having out to be unmasked. A life-time should get this encounter at least once.


Experience Patagonia with Trekking

The prestigious occasion goal of Patagonia, situated amongst Chile and Argentina pulls in individuals from everywhere throughout the world for different reasons. A few people visit the district to take in its regular magnificence in its dumbfounding view, though thrill seekers exploit the outrageous common wonders, for example, the savage lakes that are ideal for kayaking and white water rafting. Regardless of whether guests are searching for a serene break or an activity pressed occasion, everybody that sets foot on the locale is reclaimed by its natural offerings.

As a world popular occasion goal, to a great extent refreshing by understudies planning to make the most out of their crevice year, among numerous different sorts of individuals obviously, Patagonia takes pride in what it brings to the table the individuals who look for tranquility from the scenes that seem untouched by humanity; a sort of serene isolation that exclusive peaceful angling lakes and effortless waterfalls can give.

In any case, the South American wonderland likewise accomodates for more courageous occasion creators with the sort of emotional mountain ranges looked for by mountain dwellers from around the globe, that additionally bring chances of skiing and mountain biking.

Another highly popular activity visitors take part in in Patagonia is trekking; exploring the truly unique landscape first hand and witnessing the region’s overwhelming natural offerings up close and personal. This activity is appreciated by all holiday makers, from those who enjoy simply observing the scenery to those who really get involved for an adrenaline rush that can’t be found anywhere else, because this exercise can be taken as far as you wish.

The Patagonian Treks are quickly building a reputation as a must do for everyone that visits the area, and this is because the landscape really has to be explored to be believed; shaped by the Andes and the ice cap, Patagonia is a unique natural wonder.

There are a number of different treks on offer, each taking a unique route and showcasing different parts of the scenery, such as the world famous Torres Del Paine route, venturing through beautiful icy mountain ranges, valleys, glaciers, and stopping for lunch by crystal blue lakes in an easy to manage day-long trip. At the other end of the spectrum, the Patagonian Icecap trek allows more adventurous trekkers to face extreme weather conditions as they will set up camp on the third largest mass of ice in the world.

The range of opportunities in the selection of treks on offer really does highlight the diversity of Patagonia as it accomodates for the contrasting personal tastes of different types of holiday makers, deeming these adventures an absolute essentiality for anyone that sets foot on Patagonia and hopes to make the most of what it has to offer.


Top Place for Vietnamese Nature

1. Hat Dao Hill Station – cool atmosphere and serene trekking trails

Just 80km far from Hanoi, Tam Dao Hill Station is a fairly well known escape from the warmth of the Red River Delta zone. Hanoians come to Tam Dao consistently and occasion, particularly in summer when the temperature in the plain might be as high as 40oC. Because of the height of more than 1200m, the atmosphere in Tam Dao is absolutely cool with normal temperature of 18oC in summer and 10oC in winter, which could be perfect for travelers who are not acquainted with the tropical warmth and need to discover a place as cool as Sapa. Once the excursion resort of the French, Tam Dao contained various stupendous pilgrim estates. In any case, the vast majority of them are annihilated amid the war time in the 1950s and what one can see today is a recently built mountain town that serves voyagers’ vacation. There are presently an extensive variety of inns, inns and resorts; and ample neighborhood strengths for guests to experiment with.

Notwithstanding the cool atmosphere, this area gives full chance to physical exercises, for example, mountain touring, genuine trekking and even winged animal watching that Sapa needs to look at. Nature darlings who are interested about Sapa’s wild encompassing can likewise visit Tam Dao National Park with eight sorts of woodland sorts disseminated in various topographic and climatic regions, more than 2000 plants and 904 species.

2. Mai Chau – inhale the ethnic culture

It will be a 135km trip from Hanoi, or 60km trip from Hoa Binh City to reach Mai Chau, the green valley. If you love to discover more about the daily life of ethnic minority groups, especially Thai people, Mai Chau is surely a great choice. Stilt houses with exclusive Thai architecture line up on both sides of the road in the valley. Tourists can visit those houses or even try cooking and making clothes in Thai style. Homestay programs are available, and everybody will have great time watching traditional dancing and music instrument performances, while enjoying local specialties such as rice cooked in bamboo tubes and grilled meat on skewers.

There is a local market every Sunday with the participation of people from different minorities living in the surrounding areas. This is a good chance for tourists to feel the mixed culture, as in Hoa Binh Province, there are about six different minorities with distinctive languages, traditions and festivals.

From Mai Chau, one can also join one of the trekking tours to remote villages. Although Mai Chau’s weather is not as cool as in Sapa, it has otherwise many things else to offer: the landscape, the people, the food, and the air. Currently, there are some agencies providing tours of Hanoi- Mai Chau-Sapa, in which tourists will travel to Hoa Binh and stay at Mai Chau, then passing Son La province and Dien Bien Phu Loop before reaching Sapa.

3. Lai Chau – panoramic landscape and untouched local culture

Located in the northwest region, Lai Chau is 450km northwestern from Hanoi. To reach this province, you can choose Highway 12 (from Dien Bien Phu Loop) or Road 4D (from Sapa, catching local bus which is available daily in Sapa terminal). Lai Chau has several highland villages such as Sin Ho, Ta Phin, Dao San, most of which are at the altitude of more than 1500m. The high altitude makes the weather here much like Sapa, cool and foggy with the average temperature of nearly 20oC and two seasons: dry and rainy. The completely pure air is something that Sapa rea;;y has to envy.

Besides the high mountain ranges surrounding the province, Lai Chau is well-known for narrow valleys, waterfalls, and the three large rivers: Da, Nam Na, and Nam Mu; which create the stunningly picturesque sceneries. Visiting Lai Chau, tourists can not only go mountain trekking but also sail along Da River, discover primitive caves or bathe in natural hot springs.

Especially, Lai Chau is home to nearly 20 ethnic minority groups, including H’Mong, Thai, Dao, Ha Nhi, Mang and La Hu. Tourists will have an opportunity to witness the special multi-cultural society through the original local market taken place every Thursday and Sunday morning or minorities’ authentic festival such as Thai’s “Hoa Ban Festival” in the second lunar month or H’Mong’s “Gau Tao Festival” in spring.

There are buses to Sapa departing from Lai Chau terminal every hour, starting from 5 in the morning. It will be a 2-3 hour trip for the route of 175km.

4. Phia Den-Phia Oac – wild nature

Visiting Phia Den-Phia Oac (or Phia Dac), tourists will be amazed at the gorgeously wild panorama of mighty mountain ranges, rivers, caves and huge areas of original forests. Belong to Nguyen Binh- a remote district of Cao Bang Province, 240km far from Hanoi, Phia Den-Phia Vac is a potential ecotourism spot in Vietnam’s northwest region.

The 1500m average elevation with the highest peak up to 1931m makes Phia Den- Phia Vac covered in mist all the time, which is similar to Sapa’s climate. In the past, the area shared the same historic background with Sapa, as it was controlled by the French colonialists for exploiting aromatic wood and other precious minerals. Consequently, there are several French villas and military posts like Tai Soong, Tatsloom still remained here. For culture discovering purpose, tourists can meet a lot of Dao minority people living scattered throughout the area.

Cao Bang is 272km north of Hanoi following National Highway No.3. There are direct buses departing from Cao Bang terminal to Lao Cai terminal and vice versa, so reaching Sapa from here is pretty convenient.

5. Mu Cang Chai – unparalleled for photographs

Lying quietly between two mountain sides in Yen Bai Province, Mu Cang Chai, one of Vietnam’s poorest regions, possesses many terraced fields which have been regarded as a national level heritage and Asia’s most beautiful ones. If you have ever fallen in love with the terraced fields in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai will definitely take your breath away. The little town is 300km far from Hanoi, and can be reached only from Yen Bai City or Lao Cai via rough roads with continuous slopes and passes. Remote as it is, Mu Cang Chai can still reserve the wildly primitive beauty. Everything, both nature and human, is pure and untouched, and perfect for both trekking and sightseeing.

About the cultural discovery aspect, 90% of residents here are Hmong people, and Thai people cover only 8%. While Thai people build houses and live in lower area, Hmong people populate and cultivate on high hills. They are the creator of breathtaking view of terraced fields sloped gently along the mountainsides. Mu Cang Chai gives us a chance to live slowly, to embrace the peacefully natural beauty and be moved by the honest and innocent local ethnic people. Mu Cang Chai is only 170km far from Sapa, however, you are advised reach Mu Cang Chai by renting a car with local driver. Another option is to get back from Mu Cang Chai to Tu Le or Than Tuyen to take local bus to Sapa in the direction of Lao Cai.