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Great High Flying Adventures around The World

The Eden Project as of late reported the opening of the longest new zip-wire in England. This line takes guests over the site at velocities of up to 30mph over the well known Biomes and is open from Friday the twentieth of July.

With the spread of the Go Ape! experience chain, zip wire and high rope enterprises are turning out to be a great deal more prevalent in the UK, with this chain alone working 28 focuses and numerous all the more being run autonomously. High rope enterprises are low-affect for the earth and can happen in the absolute most shocking woodlands and scenes over the world.

Swinging through tree-tops is an extraordinary affair for little monkeys and enormous ones. It can be an awesome family occasion movement, so here’s a portion of the best high-flying undertakings from around the globe.

Occidental Redwood Ropes

In Northern California you can see some of the biggest trees in the world – and jump off them- thanks to the Alliance Redwoods Centre, 80 miles North of San Francisco. For as little as $10 dollars you can perform a ‘leap of faith’ by jumping from a 75ft Redwood onto a trapeze. See their website for the momentous list of tree-related activities they offer.

Great Wall of China Zip-wire

As if seeing one of the Wonders of the World wasn’t enough- now you can zip-wire off it too! At the Simatai section of the Great Wall you can sail down to the lower section of the wall over a reservoir. Adventurous Chinese criminals stole the idea and used a zip-wire to transport electronics over the border, using a crossbow to string the line across.

Thunderbird Park Australia

At Thunderbird Park there are 72 jungle games to choose from, each offering stunning views across the rainforest. The area is famous for its gemstones which are found inside thundereggs that can be ‘fossicked’ during activities in the park. The park is the largest of its kind in Australia and contains a campsite with its own swimmable rock pools for campers only.

Icy Strait Alaska

The longest zip-wire in the US resides in Alaska over the appropriately-named town of Hoonah, which probably is the sound people make whilst going down it. The zip marathon is 5,330ft long and can take adventurers up to speeds of 60mph. Hooonaaahhhh!!!!